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In early 2012 Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer got a phone call from Sony Legacy’s Vice President Rob Santos that led to a very interesting assignment: remixing 2 of Elvis Presleys famous concerts at New York’s Madison Square Garden for the upcoming deluxe box set Prince From Another Planet. Of course both concerts had been published before: The evening show from June 10, 1972 only a week after the concert took place on the LP Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (1972), the afternoon show 25 years later  on the CD An Afternoon In The Garden (1997).

Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer - Foto: Sonya Jasinski

Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer – photo: Sonya Jasinski

I have always loved those concerts very much. As soon as I heard about the upcoming release, I wanted to know more about who Michael H. Brauer is, what his famous Brauerize® compression and mixing technique is about, why the new box set really is worth buying, and how it felt to remix the King. And that was not exactly an easy task for me because I really have no clue about sound engineering. I then decided to take the bull by the horns and ask Michael Brauer himself who turned out to be an extremely nice guy with a fascinating background!

In fall 2012 – just a couple of weeks before the box set Prince From Another Planet was finally released – I interviewed him about what to expect. A German version of my interview with Michael Brauer was first published in the well-known German fan magazine Graceland (issue 208) of the Elvis Presley Gesellschaft e.V. Here is the orginal English version of the interview.


The Memphis Flash: Michael, your list of credits is very impressive and wide-ranging. Being famous for your trademark Brauerize® compression and mixing technique, you have worked for stellar names such as Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, James Brown, Aerosmith, Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, to name just a few. Your work with Coldplay and John Mayer resulted in several Grammy Awards. Apart from that, there is relatively little known about you. What is your background?