Elvis Presley – King Creole Frame by Frame

Elvis Presley – King Creole Frame by Frame ist ein wunderbarer Bildband zu Elvis 4. und vielleicht besten Kinofilm King Creole unter der Regie des großen Michael Curtiz.

Schon auf den 1. Blick in diese über 400 Seiten starke Veröffentlichung aus dem Hause Flaming Star in Kooperation mit dem Sammlerlabel Follow That Dream wird klar, dass die langjährigen Elvis-Aficionados und Hauptautoren Erik Lorentzen und Pål Granlund aus Norwegen hier tief in ihre beeindruckend umfangreichen Bildarchive gegriffen haben.

Über 1.000 wenig bekannte und bislang unveröffentlichte Fotos, meist schwarz/weiß, findet der Leser hier in guter Druckqualität (besser als in diesen Scans!) auf gestrichenem Papier vor. Den Hauptteil der Fotos, die von den Paramount-Fotografen Bud Fraker und Mal Bulloch im Paramount-Studio und vor Ort in New Orleans gemacht wurden, wollen die Autoren schon in den frühen 1970er Jahren während einer ihrer USA-Reisen zu Elvis-Konzerten für ihre Sammlung entdeckt haben.

Fortsetzung: 60 Jahre Elvis in King Creole

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    • memphisflash
      memphisflash says:

      Thanks Johnny, glad you like it. It is a lot of work, but the photos of King Creole are sure worth it.

      I’m working on a new post with regard to Jailhouse Rock right now where I hope to be able to present audio files as well. Not that easy with all the plugin stuff that has to be handled.

      • Alexander Michael Hill
        Alexander Michael Hill says:

        I stumbled upon this website as I have been trying to find images of my grandfather, who is Michael Curtis, the Director of King Creole. While I have seen some of these images before, there are a few classic shots of The King and my grandfather that I have never seen. Michael Curtiz was my mother’s father and also the derivation of my middle name. Of course Michael Curtiz was best know for his Oscar winning directorial of Casablanca. Elvis did say, however, that King Creole was one of his favourite films. On a side note, my departed sister Christina, possessed a 45 rpm test pressing from the film soundtrack that was autographed by Elvis and given to Curtiz as a gift, which he later passed on to my sister. Before her death, she spent many hours sifting through old boxes to try and find that incredibly valuable piece of memorabilia. I don’t believe she ever did recover it, but my sister was a notorious pack-rat, so I am confident it exists somewhere. Thanks for taking the time for this tribute. Awesome!

        • memphisflash
          memphisflash says:

          Alexander, I’m thrilled that you found something new and worthwile about your grandfather on my blog.

          I think, the photos here of Michael Curtiz with Elvis on the set of King Creole show that they got along very well – Elvis clearly benefited from the guidance of a great director like Curtiz.

          It is said that Elvis told your grandfather directly that he learned – while working on King Creole, his fourth movie – what the work of a director really means for an actor. It’s very unfortunate that King Creole is the only movie those two greats did together.

  1. Raj
    Raj says:

    Hello! Just want you to know that I really LOVE your wtiebse. Yours isnt boring like most Elvis wtiebses. Theres so much to read and see here, it really covers alot of info about him. I will come back to this blog more often to read more. Thank You! TCB!!!

  2. Alfars
    Alfars says:

    Great find Walter Matthau, an excellent caheactrr actor in movies and on TV who everyone knows, saying that Elvis, as a movie actor, was instinctive, very intelligent, and very elegant, sedate … refined and sophisticated. That’s gotta be in the Elvis project book.


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